Foot Detox Baths, Additional $10 to any treatment


Milk, Honey and Vanilla Bath

This foot soak also includes cinnamon, which stimulates circulation.

Milk replenishes dry skin and reduces irritation.

Honey eases swollen feet and promotes softness because it attracts and retains moisture.

Vanilla Oil has antioxidant properties, reduces inflammation, balances hormones, and is known to boost libido and relieve PMS symptoms.


Peppermint, Rosemary, and Basil Bath

This detox relieves pain and relaxes nerves with these key ingredients.

Peppermint sooths tired muscles, boosts energy, and leaves you refreshed and revitalized

Rosemary is a natural anti-viral and anti-fungal

Basil is a natural stimulant and a muscle- relaxant.


Honey and Lemon Bath

This detox also includes apple cider vinegar to create an ideal moisturizer for tired, over-worked feet.

Apple cider vinegar is an anti-bacterial and a muscle relaxer

Honey attracts and retains moisture to promote soft feet, as well as eases swollen, tired feet.

Lemon removes dead skin cells and has a pleasant citrus smell.